Lyft + RideCares New Part-time/Carpool Driver Bonus

October 22, 2015
by Kyle Hoskins
Austin, TX

Register to drive for Lyft:

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What do I do?

  1. Sign up with Lyft today with code RIDECARES!
  2. Each trip you drive will earn you the normal fare + $10 bonus from Lyft!
  3. Sign up with RideCares and our $10/trip referral bonus will be donated to a charity of your choice! - must be a 501(c)(3) organization.

How much total can I earn?

  1. $500 Bonus for you!
  2. $500 Bonus for your charity!

Who qualifies?

  • Must be a new Lyft driver in Austin, TX
  • Car must have 4 doors with handles and 5 seat belts
  • Must meet Lyft's requirements found at the bottom of the signup page:

When do I have to sign up?

Register right now! This is Lyft's first ever part-time or carpooler new driver promotion, and it won't last long.

When do I have to drive?

You have 30 days after you are approved to stack up bonus rides! You can do 1 ride, or up to 50 rides to earn $10-$500 bonus for you and $10-$500 for your favorite charity!

Lyft does carpooling?

Yes! It's called Lyft Line, and as a driver you can use the "Destination Filter" to ensure you only pick up people on the way to your destination. Carpool to work, the airport, or on your errands! Anytime you get matched with a carpool buddy, that's less traffic congestion, less environmental footprint, $10 bonus for you, and $10 bonus for your charity!

Register to drive for Lyft:

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