Giving Tuesday

December 01, 2015
by Kyle Hoskins
Austin, TX

As a thank you to RideCares drivers, their wonderful causes, and supportive passengers, we're excited to announce that we'll be matching all pledged tip donations for a week starting on Giving Tuesday!

For example, if I driver pledges 50% of their tips to Austin Pets Alive! and received $100 in tips from driving December 1 through December 7, we'll match their $50 donation to Austin Pets Alive!

Thanks and have a wonderful week!

The match applies to new RideCares drivers as well! New?
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Terms for drivers:

  • You can feel free to raise your pledged tip percentage and even support different causes during this week.
  • Matched donations will be for tips received December 1 - December 7
  • Matched donations require that you submit some sort of a receipt of your donation in your account. (And we'll send you proof of ours!)
  • If you're just starting or haven't received your RideCares stickers yet, we can arrange to match a different week after you've received your RideCares materials.

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