3 Reasons Business Cards are Obsolete

September 10, 2015
by Kyle Hoskins
Austin, TX

Have you ever had your own stack of business cards? Great! Then you also have some excellent dust collectors, bookends, bookmarks, and desk stabilizers! In a world of easy online connections, business cards have become obsolete for the following reasons:

1. No one wants a business card

If I really wanted your information, I'd get your number, add you on social media, or enter you into a CRM program.

RideCares Revelation: Universal Business Cards! A card that everyone wants!

  • Use Lyft and Uber as a passenger? We have your free ride hookup!
  • Want more from your rideshare driving? Don't worry, got you covered. (scientifically proven that helping others makes you happier... but so does a chance for more tips and referrals!)
  • Don't care for ridesharing? Go vote to support a cause you like to receive our weekly donation!

2. They just get thrown away

How long did it take for the last business card you were given to find its way to the bottom of a drawer? The trash?

RideCares Revelation: Cyclic Front/Back Business Cards! Their purpose lasts forever!*

  • Driver? Don't want it anymore? Pass it to a passenger!
  • Passenger? Don't want it? Pass it to your next driver!
  • Don't have room in your wallet? Be the best part of a stranger's day!**

* Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky.

** Results may vary. For best results, find a person having an extraordinarily bad day.

3. They're wasteful

Paper doesn't just grow on trees, ya know?

RideCares Revelation: Printed on recycled paper using eco-friendly ink from our friends over at GotPrint.

There you have it. Business cards are worthless. If you see one, particularly a RideCares card, be sure you relieve yourself of it as quickly as possible to someone else. It's their problem now! (But first, check to see if it's a personal promo card from a driver and visit their custom.ridecares.com page to hear their story. Click here to see how drivers can customize their RideCares swag!)

If you're curious what 5,000 business cards looks like:


Let us know if you have any creative uses for your obsolete business cards!
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